Frequently Asked Questions

The old GeneDB website was replaced in January 2019 to facilitate integration with the Apollo annotation tool. You can now view gene structures and functional annotations in Apollo which is based on JBrowse. This site will be updated on a weekly basis.

In addition to that, we are providing a Wikidata/GeneDB website. This has been rolled out for Plasmodium species. You can find more information here and an example organism page here.

Please cite the current GeneDB publication.

You can either choose a whole chromosome in Apollo and scroll along the chromosome, or you can type a Gene ID or gene name (e.g. MDR1) in the search box.

search gene id

You can right click on a gene or transcript to view the associated functional annotations. If you right click on a gene, you will also find links to the GeneDB Wikidata pages and EuPathDB. Wikidata pages are currently available for Plasmodium species and the other organisms in GeneDB will be added in the following months.

view functional annotation

Go to your gene of interest, right click on the gene and view details. From here you can download a FASTA file.

download fasta

You can now view the annotation statistics here. We also provide genome GFF files for all of the curated species here which are updated on a monthly basis.